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Manifestation of Ten Mahavidyas

Adishakti Bhagawati Jagadamba is omnipresent as both vidya and avidya (knowledge and ignorance). In the form of avidya she is present as delusion in living beings and in the form of vidya she is the cause of their mukti (salvation).

In their root form the Ten Mahavidyas (the Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses) are associated with Goddess Sati, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. It is she who is worshipped and idolized in many names and forms – Navadurga, Chamunda, Vishnu Priya etc.

In the Mahabhagavat (Devi Purana) there is a reference on how the Ten Mahavidyas manifested. A long time back Daksha Prajapati organized a mighty yagya in which he invited all the Gods and Rishis to participate. However, due to his animosity towards Lord Shiva, he did not invite either Lord Shiva or his daughter Sati. Devarshi Narada told Sati that since all her sisters were going to attend the yagya she should go too. Sati mulled over Naradji’s words in her mind and then decided to participate in the yagya.

Sati approached Lord Shiva to seek his consent for attending the yagya. Lord Shiva though it would be inappropriate to go uninvited and told her not to go. However Sati was adamant in her decision to attend the yagya. She said she would go there and either force Prajapati Daksh to part with Lord Shivas portion of the yagya or she would destroy the entire yagya itself. "Praapsaami Yagyabhaagam Vaa Naashayishyaami Vaa Makham"

Saying this Sati grew agitated, her eyes turned red, her lips trembled and her complexion darkened. She appeared fiery and terrifying with the flames of her anger. Her fiery form was intensely burning and she appeared old. Her hair became disheveled and her four armed form appeared poised to attack.

Devi’s death like ghastly form was wearing a garland of skulls, her tongue was hanging out, and her head was adorned with the crescent moon. She was shouting horrifyingly. In this frightening form, loudly shouting, Sati stood in front of Lord Shiva. This terrible form of Devi was intolerable even to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva’s lost his fortitude and in fear he started running helter-skelter in all directions. Devi called out to him many times “don’t be scared, don’t be scared”, but Shiva did not stop for even a second. Seeing her Lord filled with fear, Bhagavati Devi, desirous of stopping him, in an instance manifested ten forms from her body which surrounded him in all the ten directions, so that there was a form of Devi stopping him whichever direction he turned.

These ten forms of Devi are only the Ten Mahavidyas. Their names are Kali, Tara, Tripurasundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Chhinamasta, Tripura Bhairavi, Dhoomavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala.

When Lord Shiva asked who these Mahavidyas were Devi said

When Lord Shiva asked who these Mahavidyas were Devi said

“Yeyam Te Purataha Krishnna Saa Kaalee Bheemalochanaa I
Shyaamavarnnaa Cha Yaa Devee Svayamoordhvam Vyavasthithaa II

The black Devi of terrible form in front of you is Bhagavati Kali.

Seyam Taaraa Mahavidhyaa Mahaakaala Svaroopinnee I
Savyetareyam Yaa Devee Visheershaatibhayapradaa II

The dark complexioned Devi above you is the form of time itself, Mahavidya Tara.

Iyam Devee Chhinnamastaa Mahaavidhyaa Mahaamate I
O Lord, the scary and headless Devi to your right is the Mahavidya Chhinamasta.

Vaame Taveyam Ya Devee Saa Shambho Bhuvaneshvaree II
Shambo, the Devi to your left is Bhagavati Bhuvaneshvari.

Prashthatastava Yaa Devee Bagalaa Shatrusoodinee I
O Mahadev, the Devi behind you is Bhagavati Bagalamukhi.

Vahinakanne Taveyam Yaa Vidhavaaroopadhaarinnee II
Seyam Dhoomaavati Devee Mahaavidhyaa Maheshvaree I

The Devi appearing in the form of a widow to your southeast is Mahavidya Dhoomavati.

Nairityaam Tava Yaa Devee Seyam Tripurasundaree II
O Mahadev, the Devi to your southwest is Bhagavati Tripurasundari.

Vaayou Yatte Mahaavidhyaa Seyam Maatangakanyakaa I
The Devi to your Northwest is Matanga Kanya (maiden) Mahavidya Matangi.

Eshaanyaam Shodashee Devee Mahaavidhyaa Maheshvaree II
The Devi appearing in the Northeast is Mahavidya Maheshvari Shodashi.

Aham Tu Bhairavee Bheemaa Shambho Maa Tvam Bhayam Kuru I
I myself am the terrifying Bhairavi.

Etaaha Sarvaaha Prakashthaastu Moortayo Bahumoortishu II
Bhaktyaa Sambhajataam Nityam Chaturvargaphalapradaaha I
Sarvaabhishtapradaayinyaha Saadhakaanaam Maheshvara II

O Lord Shambo! Don’t be scared as all these forms are the highest forms of Bhagavati. O Mahadev these Devis will bestow all four purusharths (4 aims of human existence) and all desires on those devotees who worship them wholeheartedly.