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Mahavidya Mata Matangi

Mahavidya Mata Matangi

Divine Mother Matangi is the ninth Mahavidya (Wisdom Goddess). She is said to have been born to Rishi (Seer) Matang and her name is said to stem from his. The M in her name is the single letter for Mother and encompasses all (the entire creation).

She is depicted as blue in color (sometimes green), playing a veena, holding a noose, sword, shield and a goad. She has parrots around her and is adorned with the crescent moon. She is shown with one foot resting on a lotus and the other one is lifted onto the throne upon which she sits. One foot on the lotus shows her control on the terrestrial world in tranquility and serenity, and the other foot on to her throne shows her sovereignty over the celestial domains. The stem of the veena held in her hands symbolizes the sushumna (the subtle energy channel that traverses along the spinal cord) and the strings by the energy channels emanating from the sushumna. In the hands of Matangi, the sadhaka becomes the veena.

Kalidas, was a famous devotee of hers and it is said saw her and composed a beautiful hymn in her praise called “Shyamala Dandakam”. He has described her beautiful appearance in detail. Kalidas was a fool who was transformed into a scholar by the grace of Ma Matangi. He went to the temple of Garhkalika in Ujjain and prayed to her for the gift of knowledge. He is said to have offered to cut his tongue off and when he was about to do so she appeared before him and blessed him and he began to write poetry and prose in Sanskrit language.

Speech (Vak) is of three kinds. The unmanifest speech turned toward manifestation is called Para Vaak Next comes Pashyanti Vak or the speech that perceives. Expressed or articulated speech is called Vaikhari Vak.

Mother Matangi is associated with the spoken word as expressing the thoughts and mind “Vaikhari”. Thus she is associated with the manifested speech. In her highest form she is “Para Vaikhari” – where the Supreme Word is manifested in speech through the wisdom of the scriptures. She is the Goddess of mantras and closely associated with the Vishudha chakra in the human body. She embodies all the fine arts, especially music and dance. She is the manifest form of song, and Nada (the subtle vibratory sound), that flows in the ‘nadis. She is specially related to a special nadi that runs from the third eye to the tip of the tongue. When pleased she confers on her devotees the ability to speak, to sing, to create, to paint a picture by weaving words and understand the web of words in all its subtleties. This power is known as vaagvilasa.

She represents the guru tatwa (element), and the guru parampara in the world. Matangi is Guru, Guru is Matangi. Poojya Gurudev has witnessed her form dissolving into Guru and Guru’s form dissolving into her again and again. It is through her grace that Guru’s have the power of manifesting whatever they speak. In other words predictions come true because of Mother Matangi’s grace. Those devotees who have been blessed by her acquire the power of prediction.

She is the goddess of beauty, marriage, happy life and material gains. Mother Matangi is like mishri (rock candy). She is sweetness personified. Under her domain come attraction, love and sammohan (enchantment). Lord Krishna’s charm is well known. Everyone was attracted towards him. Lord Krishna was a great devotee of Mother Matangi and was blessed by her. Her blessings bind families together. Whenever Ma Matangi’s blessings are absent, families live in disharmony and quarrel and split up. Mother Matangi reduces all the effects coming under the domain of Mother Dhoomavati – poverty, quarrels, misery, punishment, debts, attacks from evil spirits etc.

Mother Matangi has two forms – the Rajarajeshwari form and the Ucchishta Chandali form. Her Rajarajeswari form is her more soft, benign form where she is depicted holding the veena. In her Ucchishta Chandali form she is ugra (fierce) and this is a destructive form of Mother. The Ucchista Chandal form of Mother Matangi is associated with the Chandal (outcaste) form of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesh takes on many different forms and he is present wherever his parents Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are, to protect them. The Ucchishta Matangi form of Mother is also associated with the Ucchishta Ganapati form of Lord Ganesh. Mother Matangi takes on the Ucchishta Chandali form when her devotees and in danger.

Mother Matangi worship gives relief in marriage related problems. She is worshipped when there is delay in marriage or problems in marriage. She is also worshipped by childless couples to get children. When Mother Matangi is pleased Kuber (God of wealth) comes into our lives and we lack nothing.