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Mahavidya Mata Dhoomavati

Who is Maa Dhoomavati

Mother Dhoomavati, the 7th Wisdom Goddess among the 10 Great Wisdom Goddesses (Mahavidyas) that exist in the nature from primordial stages of Universe, is one of the supreme energies that pervades the Cosmos. Her sadhana, just like the sadhanas of the other Mahavidyas such as Baglamukhi and Chinnamasta, is extremely powerful and so it is kept entirely secret by the Gurus who have perfected the sadhana. They are only given to disciples who are extremely deserving.

Mother Dhoomavati is known as “Daaridriya Niwarini” or “the one who eliminates poverty”. She is depicted as an old hag with disheveled hair, riding a chariot drawn by a crow, clad in an old dirty clothes and holding a winnowing basket is one hand while her other hand, held in varada mudra, blesses her devotees. She is always hungry and thirsty and instigates strife, quarrels, poverty, disease and misery. Mother Dhoomavati, amongst all the Mahavidyas is the only one depicted as a widow, without a consort. Mother Dhoomavati is a manifestation of all inauspicious qualities of women and is called “Alakshmi” and is the embodiment of tamasic guna.

Although she is shown in her old age, she actually has various forms. For example, in the morning, she takes upon the form of a young girl. She is depicted as an old lady so it is understood that while she is the one who takes you out of poverty, she is also the giver of poverty. This is similar to what Lord Ganesha represents: creator of obstacles, as well as remover of obstacles. The “Jyestha” form or “elderly/senior” form of Ma Dhoomavati also signifies that just like an old grandmother can be extremely generous, when Ma Dhoomavati is pleased, she can be extremely generous as well. She is also portrayed as a widow with hair not combed properly to depict how a real sadhak looks like – he/she is alone, and is so deeply engrossed in sadhana that he/she doesn’t even know how he/she looks. This is the quality asked from a real sadhak.

Her Essence and The Elements and Energies She Represents

The name “Dhoomavati” means “smoky one”, and under her influence the eternal truth is masked as though by smoke. The winnowing basket that she holds is symbolic of her ability to separate the chaff from the grains – that is to separate the outer appearance from the true inner reality.

When pleased, she clears all the smoke of delusion and shows her devotees the path to the ultimate truth. Mother Dhoomavati’s worship keeps away and protects her devotees from all the negativity she stands for. Her worship is the best means of removing poverty from life. Her seed mantra is “Dhoom”. Ma Dhoomavati’s sadhana protects one from all negative entities – evil spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, etc. One of her characteristics is known as “twarita” meaning “extremely fast”. Arjuna, one of the major characters of Bhagwad-Gita and Mahabharata, is one of the “rishi” or “seer” of Ma Dhoomavati’s mantra after doing her sadhana. With her blessings, his fighting skills became so lightning fast that before his enemies could even get their hands to their arrows, he would have already pulled the arrow and shot. The original rishi or seer of Ma Dhoomavati mantra is Rishi Pippalad. Such is said of Rishi Pippalad that if anyone takes his name (Pippalad) 10 times, then Lord Saturn’s malefic effects cannot reach him.

Her Domain and Her Grace For Humanity

This Goddess has a deep connection with various types of doshas (disorders) that we humans face in our lives. She controls the epicenter of all energies that are dark in nature. That is why she is also closely related to the planet Saturn, who also represents sorrow, misery and all darkness in one’s life. She controls particularly the four major doshas that haunt human lives:

  1. Pitru dosha
  2. Kaalsarpa dosha
  3. Vastu dosha and
  4. Navagrava dosha.
  1. Pitra Dosha

    Pitru dosha: When someone is troubled with pitru dosha, this means their ancestors are not liberated or not living a content life in the other realms of existence; so they in turn create energy that is not suitable for their descendants. The solution for this dosha is this energy-center Mother Dhoomavati. With her help, under the guidance of a capable Guru, this dosha can be pacified completely and very quickly, thus bringing peace and prosperity in one’s life.

  2. Kaalsarpa Dosha

    Kaalsarpa dosha: Second is the much talked about dosha, Kaalsarpa dosha. When someone suffers from this dosha, the entire life comes under the negative clutches of problems resembling a dangerous snake. Imagine being totally wrapped around by a dangerous, poisonous snake; as soon as this person attempts to do something, the snake poisons that attempt and destroys it. Again, the divine knowledge-energy that is capable of completely controlling this and bringing the person out of the snake’s clutches is Mother Dhoomavati. By Guru’s help, utilizing Mother’s grace, the person can finally breathe fresh air and live his life with optimism and success in all realms.

  3. Vastu Dosha

    Vastu dosha: Third, we all live in our homes, which are ruled by a deity called VastuPurusha (a deity that is represented as having different parts of its body in different parts of the house). For instance, the north-east direction or part of the house is ruled by water element and pious things. If for some reason, fire element is present here or evil activities are performed here, then one is asking for trouble, because he/she is doing something incompatible with nature there. Nature has rules it follows that are governed by deities, and when we align our energies with the higher dimensions of energies we bring harmony and perfection into our lives. So, when the right knowledge of Vastu is missing and the energy in the house is not in proper alignment with VastuPurusha, all kinds of debts, diseases, and troubles haunt humans. Here again, the power of Mother Dhoomavati can negate all these bad energies with the help of a capable Guru.

  4. Navagraha Dosha

    Navagraha dosha: Mother Dhoomavati’s sadhana is very effective in removing the malefic effects of all the navagrahas. Ma Dhoomavati’s sadhana is also most effective against all causes of disease and can uproot the root cause of diseases. Anyone can do her sadhana. However, since it is a very fiery sadhana, it should only be done under the blessings of a competent Guru.