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Mahavidya Mata Bhuwaneshwari

Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari is the fourth Mahavidya (Great Wisdom Goddesses). She presides over the manifest cosmos. Bhu means world and Ishwari means Goddess. Amongst all the Mahavidyas she is most closely associated with the physical and visible material world and is the Shakti behind its creation. Bhuvaneshwari is the Great Goddess of all the worlds. She pervades the cosmos. She illuminates the entire creation with her light. Bhuvaneshwari – is the owner / controller of all spaces in the Universe: 10 lokas (worlds) and 14 bhuwans (abodes), beyond which there is nothing else. All the worlds and things inside them reside within her and form parts of her body. She is the one who can give gyaan (wisdom) and vairagya (freedom from all worldly desires/dis-attachment). The consciousness of the whole cosmos resides in her. She is brilliant and soft and peaceful. Under her domain comes all grandeur and wealth. She is the basis of all Shakti (power) and fosters all living beings.

“Bhu” also means earth. Out of the five elements, earth is the only one that is fixed, rest are not: fire, air, water, and ether. Once the base where your body stands/sits on is fixed, then your mind is fixed, then you can do Sadhana. So, pleasing Mother Bhuvaneshwari also strengthens your sadhana.

Mother Bhuvaneshwari is radiantly beautiful. She is the color of the sun with black flowing tresses. The crescent moon adorns and crowns her face. She has three eyes. Two of her four hands hold a noose and a goad respectively. The goad symbolizes the control over evil forces and law and order. One of her other two hands is help up in the varada mudra granting the wishes of her devotees, and the other in the abhaya mudra giving her devotees protection.

Mata Bhuwaneshwari Yantra

Ma Bhuvaneshwari is associated with ownership of fixed properties such as houses and land. These are the basic requirements for one’s happiness, prosperity, and joy. When propitiated and pleased, she, along with the 3 deities Planet Mars (Mangal Dev), Vishwakarma (the celestial architect), and Vastu Dev (the deity of the home or dwelling), gives multiple lands, homes and property.

About 90% of the Shakti Mantras have the seed syllable “Hreem” in them. This syllable is Mother Bhuvaneshwari’s mantra. One can imagine the importance of Her in the world of Sadhana. Even the mantra of Mother Gayatri has the base of Bhuvaneshwari.

Bhuvaneshwari is the one who gives completeness and magnanimity to Lord Kubera. She stabilizes the presence of Mother Lakshmi, Mother Kamala, and Mother Saraswati. These deities are givers of wealth and knowledge respectively, and Mother Bhuvaneshwari makes them complete by making them stable and fixed, so wealth and knowledge stays in your house and does not fade or deplete from your treasuries.

Bhuvaneshwari provides the base to everything. She is the Moola – Aadhar, or the first (core) base. You cannot move to other bases without a strong core base. Thus she signifies the earth element. We also need to continuously increase prosperity to sustain your life and absorb all good energies, which is signified by mother Bhuvaneshwari’s bija (seed) mantra “Hreem”. Her seed mantra “hreem” is the mantra of power and imparts special power to the worship of all Gods and Goddesses. Regular chanting of this mantra on a subtle scale destroys maya and causes kundalini ascension and also gives the material benefits of acquiring fixed assets like physical property.

Sadhaks of Mother Bhuvaneshwari are blessed with wealth, power, glory and highest knowledge.

There are several prominent temples dedicated to her. Her Shakti Peetha is situated off the shore of the Jaffna Peninsula in Sri Lanka. Her temple dedicated is in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. A small shrine is also inside Jagannath Temple, Puri and Devi Subhadra is worshipped as Bhuvaneshwari. The Samaleswari shrine and Cuttack Chandi Temple in Odisha are her temples. A temple of Ma Bhuvaneshwari is located at Gondal in Gujarat . The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati has a Bhuvaneshwari Temple. Mathura has a old Bhuvaneshwari temple opposite to Krishna janmbhoomi. There is a Bhuvaneshwari temple in Maharashtra, Shri Shetra Audumber, Sangli district.