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Maa Baglamukhi (Maa Pitambara)

Rajrajeshwari Bhagvati Maa Baglamukhi

Bhagavati Baglamukhi is a pure, sattvic (filled with goodness), manifested as a result of worship and austerities performed by Lord Vishnu. As the 8 th form of the Great Wisdom Goddesses among the 10 (Maha-vidyas), she appears as an extremely fierce energy who can annihilate all sorts of enemies that are present in the life of her devotees.

Baglamukhi Devi smashes the devotee's misconceptions and delusions (or the devotee's enemies) with her cudgel. She symbolizes the potent female primeval force. The name "Baglamukhi" is derived from "Bagla" (distortion of the original Sanskrit root "valgā") and "mukha", meaning "bridle" and "face", respectively. Thus, the name means “one whose face has the power to capture or control”. She thus represents the hypnotic power of the Goddess.

Baglamukhi is known as ‘Peetambara’, meaning one who adorns yellow garments, similar to Lord Vishnu who is adorned with the same. The greatest Sadhaka (Practitioner) of Ma Baglamukhi is Lord Vishnu, and her most beloved devotee is the great Sage Devarishi Narada, who is the seer of many important mantras of Baglamukhi. He has also written many ‘stotras’, (songs of praise), that describe the Glories of Divine Mother.

Lord Vishnu is the presiding deity of ‘satvaguna’ meaning “Lord of Goodness”. An important point to consider is that his devotees, known as Vaishnavas, refrain from meat eating, intoxication, illicit sex, to the point of not even consuming onions, garlic, tea & coffee. Ma appeared just to please Lord Vishnu and Sage Narada, who are very pure and sublime, always situated in the mode of goodness.

Ma Baglamukhi is the most blissful mother. She is clearly the perfect mother who not only destroys all the enemies of her children, but also maintains, feeds and nourishes them, with the milk that comes from her own blood. The proper attitude to approach Divine Mother, who is everyone’s mother, is to only desire her motherly love and affection. Become childlike and imagine sitting in Her lap and enjoying the wonders of the entire universe! May Ma’s grace shower upon you.

The Appearance of Maa Baglamukhi

Although there is much written about Mother Baglamukhi, it will always be inadequate. In one story, two demons named Madhu and Kaitabh, manifested to destroy the creator of the universe, Lord Brahma, who then prayed for his own safety. Vishnu fought the demons in the primordial oceans of creation (ksheera sagar) for 5000 years. Their powers were equally matched. When Vishnu found that he was unable to get the upper hand, he prayed to Divine Mother. She then appeared to him in the form of Baglamukhi. Entering the minds of the demons, she deluded them. Under her influence the demons told Vishnu they were pleased with him and that they would grant him a boon. Lord Vishnu quickly asked that he be able to slay them. The demons realized their mistake but it was too late. Placing them on his lap, he used his chakra (discus) and killed them.

On another occasion, eons ago, the ancient universe went through an extremely tumultuous time when the entities acquired powerful weapons and fought against each other. Lord Vishnu went to the “Haridra Samudra” (the ocean of turmeric) and prayed to the Divine Mother. Mother manifested in the form of Baglamukhiand stilled all the weapons in the universe. She also blessed Vishnu to be “Aparajita” (unconquerable).

An incident also occurred when a giant storm threatened to disrupt cosmic order. Vishnu bathed in a sacred pond (a lake of turmeric), dressed in yellow, and invoked the 3 rd Wisdom Goddess, Mahavidya Sodashi, who caused Baglamukhi to appear and quell the storm, which she did.

Probably the most famous depiction is that of Ma Baglamukhi defeating the demon Madan. In this story, her mood is serious and angry. Golden hues flash from her body. On her forehead is the crescent moon. In the depiction above, she traditionally is of yellow color with yellow dress and ornaments, seated in a pavilion of jewels in the middle of an ocean, before an altar. She holds the tongue of her enemy (Madan) in her left hand, paralyzing her opponent, with raised club in her right hand. Her powers of paralysis refer specifically to speech, and reduce the mind to silence. This means, to think and speak only of God and enter into that silent knowing. She exists in that state, beyond word or thought.

The Nature of Maa Baglamukhi Devi

Lord Shiva, in his tantric texts, has declared that in this age of Kaliyuga there is no bigger and more powerful force than Mother Baglamukhi. She represents the highest form of the divinity, as the suppressor of enemies and diseases, and bestows dominant victory, unlimited wealth, good fortune, a long life, and welfare in every aspect of life.

She is such a force in nature that she transcends all enemies, worries, and problems. What is the definition of enemy? Anything, any situation, or any condition, which worries you, or removes your inner peace. That is called enemy. And the biggest enemy is poverty. Nobody should be poor. In Durga Saptashati, the Divine Mother explains that there are only three shortcomings in life: Daaridrya (poverty), dukha (sorrow), and bhaya (fear). If Baglamukhi is pleased, all these things will be fixed. It doesn’t mean that they are completely removed. They still exist, but are helpless and harmless; they cannot do any harm to you. This is the basic nature or energy of Baglamukhi.

Baglamukhi is said to originally manifest from the side of Vishnu's body. His dress is that of yellow clothing. Hence, Baglamukhi's color and dress is of the same hue. Anything associated with yellow color falls under her domain. She is known as “Pithambaree” (one who is dressed in yellow clothes). Her greatest devotee Lord Vishnu is called “Pithambara” (dressed in yellow clothes) and Devaguru Brihaspati (Jupiter) is also “Pithambara”. Turmeric is recognized worldwide for its auspicious, healing properties. These stem from Ma Bagala. Gold and the rising Sun similarly come under her domain. Due to this recognition of the importance of colors, saints in India wear saffron or yellow colored clothes. This signifies that yellow has some importance, and this is so, because yellow is the color of Jupiter, and Jupiter is called Guru, teacher, or divine Teacher.

Baglamukhi represents Jupiter. All the deities are associated with a planet. So, Baglamukhi’s working pattern will be definitely influenced by Jupiter. In this universe, everything is being organized, arranged, and influenced by only the seven planets (plus Rahu and Ketu). Even if Shri Lakshmi wants to give you wealth, but then Saturn is blocking it, you can’t have wealth. If Lakshmi is not pleased but Saturn is pleased, then he can give you wealth. It means that planets can block, and they can also give. You should learn more and more techniques to please these planets and deities and get their blessings. We should please them so that both these forces are in tune with each other, and instead of obstructing, they are helping you to lead a blessed and fulfilling life.

Invoking the blessings of the Goddes

Currently, you may have some sort of spiritual obstructions in your life: somebody’s malefic effect, some bad karma or a samskara pending. If that’s the case, then first you should remove it, because the divine force cannot stay in your body or around you, unless this is removed.

There are actually two types of force. One force is God’s which is supernatural. The other energy is one’s individual force. Unless both these energies are working in conjunction with each other, and in tune, nothing is going to become materialized in life. Both these energies should be one, in order to accomplish something. For that, you have to awaken your own energy. Energies can be awakened only by chanting of mantras. Science says that sound is vibration, energy is vibration. Mantras are vibrations. Chanting of mantras will awaken your energies, and Baglamukhi mantra will definitely awaken your kundalini energy.

So, you should sit in asana and chant Baglamukhi mantra for half an hour every day. If you have more time, do it more. You can chant, “Om Hleem Swaha” or “Om Hleem Bagale Parameshwari Hleem Om Swaha”. Gradually, you will get power to overcome difficulties.

You should try to do Baglamukhi sadhana by burning a lamp or candle, or an incense stick, with yellow flowers if possible, in a pure place with a purified frame of mind. Sit down daily, chant Guru mantra for sometime, Om Param Tatvaya Narayanaya Gurubhyo Namaha. Ask Guru to transfer his energy to you. Then chant any Ganapati mantra that you know. If you don’t know any mantra, just say Jai Gurudev, Jai Gurudev for some time. Then say, Jai Ganapate Jai Ganapate. It’s not necessary to know all the mantras. Then you can say Jai Bagala Mai Jai Bagala Mai. This is one of the ways. If you know the proper mantras, it is better of course, but not necessary. Then chant mantra of Lord Shiva. The mantra of Kala Bhairava is best although chanting Om Namah Shivaya will be fine.

Try to chant Baglamukhi mantra, with devotion, with dedication, with her picture, and with Guru’s picture. Then, continue Baglamukhi sadhana. You will start getting new information: some by dreams, some by thoughts. And one day, you will definitely be complete in life.