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Param Pujya Gurudev Swami Divyachetnananda Ji

A Brief Introduction

Siddhashram’s Great Yogi, His Holiness Gurudev Swami Divyachetnanand Ji is an engineer by profession, Gurudev is a yogi of the highest caliber who has performed hard penance and austerities while balancing the responsibilities of a householder and a businessman. Gurudev is a living example to society that a householder can also become a self-realized yogi and spiritual personality.

Renouncing family life and retreating into the forests and mountains is not needed in order to seriously pursue spiritual activities. A living example of this is Gurudev who has attained siddhi (perfection in spiritual practices) and assimilated the highest spiritual tantric knowledge of all the ten Mahavidyas (the Great Wisdom Goddesses) and Maa Kamakhya while living the simple life of a householder. The Ten Mahavidyas are Kali, Tara, Lalita, Bhuvaneswari, Chinnamasta, Tripura Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Baglamukhi, Matangi & Kamala, and Ma Kamakhya is the highest power in tantra. Through his sadhanas he has also realized siddhis like Kritya siddhi, Bhairav siddhi, Hanuman siddhi, Mahakaal siddhi and others. Gurudev is now spreading this knowledge worldwide within society.

His Holiness has perfected all vidyas and holds a foremost place in spiritual fields of jyotish (vedic astrology), mantra, prediction of the future, hypnotism etc.

The roots of religious rituals are weak today. Religion is dominated by hypocrisy and outward pomp and show. Violence, corruption, terrorism and other demonic traits are on the rise. The so -called educated class is spreading venom against religion. People are blindly aping western culture, giving importance only to material pleasures. Humanity is taking a back seat and the number of broken marriages and divorces is on the rise. The common refrain of householders is that they are under a lot of tension due to the increasing demands on their time by work and family and have no time for spiritual practices. Sadhana, mantra and tantra are being mocked. Misconceptions around tantra abound. It is increasingly difficult to establish pure tantra when meat, liquor, fish, sex and animal slaughter have taken root. Under these circumstances establishing and spreading mantra and spirituality is really a very difficult, complicated and arduous task and Gurudev has undertaken this.

The world today is in a state of flux. There is a sinister conspiracy aimed at wiping out India’s ancient culture by instigating divisions in the name of caste and creed, religion, and culture and block the progress of our spiritual culture. When the word “Indian” is mentioned today people say Godheads and idolatry are being promoted. If talking about Gods is considered idolatry and trying to inculcate divine qualities and becoming divine is wrong then is it OK to allow the unchecked spread of demonic acts, sinful deeds, violence and crime? How can humanity be protected from these demonic acts? Whenever such mentality dominates on Earth, the Universe’s ultimate spiritual center (Siddhashram) sends its Yogis to this realm to correct and guide humanity along the right path. Among Siddhashram’s saints are Param Pujya Gurudev Paramahans Swami Nikhileswaranandji, Swami Vishuddhanand, Maa Anadamayi, Neemkaroli Baba, Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj, Mahavatar Baba, Lahiri Maharaj, Sri Yoganand Paramahans, Baba Bhutnathji, Pandit Ganeshji Maharaj, Shirdi Saibaba and others. Following in this lineage is His Holiness Gurudev Swami Divyachetnanandji. He has devoted his life to the same mission as his Gurus from Siddhashram.

Gurudev has helped cure many people from incurable diseases and eradicate illness and tension from the lives of them and their families. With his intensive spiritual knowledge he has corrected defects in the vastu (orientation and layout of a building and its surrounding land) of homes, freed people from negative planetary influences & demonic entities and established prosperity in the lives of families. Thousands of people, benefiting from his grace, have imbibed the glorious original spiritual knowledge that he is propagating within society.

Out of his immense compassion Gurudev has resurrected the highest and most secretive spiritual knowledge of rare sadhanas, kept hidden in the past, and made available through easy to understand books. Gurudev is the author of hundreds of books. Through the means of his writings, numerous spiritual camps conducted worldwide under his direction and discourses on numerous topics, he has ignited the flame of spiritual knowledge in the hearts of thousands of his disciples and devotee, and established the great knowledge of the ancient Indian Rishis within them. . Had this not been done spirituality could have disappeared from this holy land.

His Holiness is adept at conversing with Gods and propagates new spiritual knowledge based on these conversations in the society through his talks and through the medium of an invaluable monthly magazine “Divya Chetna Jyoti”, which is published by the Divya Chetna Kendra and distributed in homes.

Under his direction many have benefitted by performing japa, doing puja and havan, sadhanas, kundalini awakening, addressing doshas in janma kundali (past negative karmas manifesting as suffering in life due to the placement of planets in the natal horoscope) and participating in kotiyarchanas (10 million recitations of specific mantras with sacrificial fire ceremonies). Today’s generation is extremely fortunate to be given the ability to gain invaluable knowledge at the feet of Gurudev.

Under Gurudev’s tutelage women have found a new path and stated taking pride in themselves. Gurudev bought out the greatness of womanhood in front of society. All sadhaks and disciples of Gurudev now consider women to be forms of Devi, Lakshmi and Sarawati and honor them accordingly. Houses where men considered their wives as mere objects of pleasure at their disposal, and would come home drunk and abuse them, are transformed. These same wives are now being treated with love and respect. This path of pure love is the blessing of His Holiness Gurudev Swami Divyachetnanandji.

Gurudev strongly condemns atrocities, exploitation, criticisms and inappreciation of women in his discourses. Gurudev is building a society where women while being fully educated in science and technology and well versed in English are also equally knowledgeable in spirituality and Indian traditions. Such women inspire respect from their husbands, fathers and brothers. They are the pillars of their homes, loved by all and love all. All such women inspire divine love in others and spread greatness in society - at their jobs and wherever they go.

Gurudev has established an institution “Divya Chetna Kendra” with the aim of correcting the misconceptions prevalent in society on puja, mantra, havan, and austerities, and establishing & spreading the pure satvic (filled with goodness) form of sanatana dharma in society. All of you are invited to participate in this great cause through which divine knowledge can be spread to every household, enabling the whole world to imbibe the divine consciousness. .Today the main branch of the institution is established in Mira Road (Thane). Other branches have been established in Noida, Varanasi and Udaipur in India and in America, Canada and Kuwait abroad.

Through the teachings of this institution the divine knowledge of mantra, tantra and yantra is being taught. Incurable diseases are being treated through Ayurveda, tantra, hypnotism, yagnas, and havans. Kotiyarchanas (1 crore or 10 million of offerings while chanting mantras) are continuously conducted. People are resolving their problems and living happy and peaceful lives while striding on the path to material and spiritual success.

His Holiness Gurudev Swami Divyachetnanandji manifested the highest power of tantra Trailokya Stambhini Brahmastra Mahavidya (the ultimate Great Wisdom Goddess weapon of Brahma who suppresses all the worlds) Shree Baglamukhi through special sadhanas. By the wishes and directive of Mother Bagla herself His Holiness established the Shree Mahavidya Baglamukhi Siddha Shakti Peetha in Mira Road, Mumbai. Mother is present in her fully awakened, intensely fiery form here. At the ashram Ganeshji, Ma Kamakhya, Kaalbhairav, Mahakaal, the Navagrahas, Radha Krishna, Kuber, Ma Dhoomavati, Mahahakali, Shanidev, Ma Sheetala, Baba Bhootnathji, Paramahans Nikhileswaranandji and Sai Baba are also present along with Ma Baglamukhi. Intense collective sadhanas filled with immense energy are conducted in the ashram on all special occasions and festivals for the benefit of all the sadhaks. In addition mantra japa, austerities and havans are conducted every day at the ashram. To date His Holiness Gurudev Swami Divyachetnanandji has conducted 68 kotiyarchans (10 million recitation of mantra and great fire ceremonies) in the ashram and branches of Divya Chetna Kendra. In this sequence Gurudev has conducted kotiyrachans of each of the Navagrahas and three Lakshachandis.

Now the new building of the Shree Rajarajeshwari Bhagawati Baglamukhi Siddha Shakti Peetha at Mira Road is almost complete.

It is very difficult to be able to explain and write about Gurudev. He is indeed of Shiva’s nature himself, replete with Guru tatva (an element or aspect). One who is of Shiva’s nature always promotes the welfare of all. Thus it is said “यः शिवः सः गुरु - YaH ShivaH SaH Guru”. Gurudev is undertaking programs throughout the world. This institution, Divya Chetna Kendra, is looking for individuals who want to undertake great tasks. We encourage anyone who has a strong resolution to take up such tasks to contact us.