Maa Baglamukhi Siddha Shakti Peetha (Divyachetna Kendra)

Maa Baglamukhi Siddha Shakti Peetha (Divyachetna Kendra)

Bhagawati Baglamukhi’s conscious, energized and fully awakened Siddha Shakti Peetha (Seat)

Divine Mother Bhagawati Baglamukhi is the Mother of the entire cosmos. At different times she manifests herself in her different forms. All her manifestations are for the purpose of the welfare of the world and for protection of dharma.

When Swami Ramakrishna was born into this world Divine Mother in the form of Dakshin Kali manifested in Calcutta. In truth it was time for Divine Mother Dakshin Kali to manifest herself in this world and that is why she first sent Swami Ramakrishna, and along with him Swami Vivekanand.

From times immemorial in the universe this union of divine manifestation has been present in the lives of all Avatars, religions and Gurus. This truth is not understood by most people.

When Lord Krishna was imparting the divine knowledge of Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna, Duryodhana thought that Lord Krishna and Arjuna were fleeing the battlefield out of fear. Lakhs of people were present in the Kurukshetra battlefield during the Mahabharat war but not a single one obtained the divine knowledge of the Bhagawat Gita or understood it.

Similarly, people used to say that Shree Ramakrishna Paramahans was mad. Today everyone worships him! Mother Bhagawati in her most intense and fiery form of Ma Baglamukhi has manifested herself in the ashram situated in Mira Road in Maharashtra.

This shakti peetha is slowly awakening completely and taking effect. This is being experienced by the bhaktas and sadhakas visiting the ashram. Many of them have witnessed Mother Baglamukhi in her physical form! Many have seen her while meditating and also within the flames of the havan kunda.

On the occasion on Bhadrapad Krishna Ekadasi (the eleventh day in the waning phase of the moon), Divine Mother has given her word that she will fulfill the desires of all her sincere devotees visiting the Sri Rajarajeswari Siddha Peetha of hers at Mira Road, Maharashtra. Mother has said that all sincere devotees will have their desires fulfilled when:

  1. The Devotees must enclose their wish-list in a yellow cloth, tie it up with a knot and place it in a designated place in the ashram.
  2. They should tie a bell along with the yellow cloth.
  3. They should then fast and do japa (mantra chanting) for designated time period. By doing this I will definitely fulfill their desires. Once your desires are achieved visit me in my home and open up the tied bundle. I will protect and take care of the welfare of all those who worship me with devotion and faith, those who are mine and regularly perform ritual worship, mantra japa and havan.

In Kaliyuga, Mother Baglamukhi is Supreme Goddess who suppresses all enemies & diseases, bestows victory, unlimited wealth, good fortune, a long complete life, & welfare in every aspect of life.

Lord Shiva has declared in his tantric texts, that in Kaliyug there is no bigger and more powerful force than Mother Baglamukhi. The time has come now. There is no need for all those who are tired and dispirited in life to lose hope. All they have to do is to leave everything and surrender &take refuge at the feet of Mother Baglamukhi calling to her for help.

Divine Mother is always waiting to help and take care of the welfare of her children. How can she not take care of your welfare? It will all happen, only ensure that you remember her and call out to her with hope, devotion, faith, patience and sincerity.

The Speciality of Baglamukhi Siddha Peetha

  • Sacrificial Fire ceremonies or havan is a process by which divinity is always awakened. Agni or fire is himself a God – Agnidev, the Fire God. Agnidev is the envoy of the Gods. Oblations to specific Gods made into the sacred fire of the havan reach and are accepted by the God. Pleased the God in turn blesses the institutor of the sacrifice. The blessings of the deity gives spiritual strength and protection to the institutor of the sacrifice.
  • Wherever this procedure is performed in a group all divine forces are awake and present. Performing sadhana havan at such places gives very quick results. Continuous havan is performed at the Shree Rajarajeshwari Bhagawati Baglamukhi Siddha Shakti Peetha. All sadhaks should strive to regularly perform havan here.
  • The sacred flame of the havan destroys all sins. By looking at the flame and offering flowers, incense, fruits etc. into it, not only are the blessings of Agnidev obtained, but also the blessings of the deity invoked in the havan. Recognizing this even science is now advocating performing havan for help curing deadly diseases like dengue and chickungunya.

Some unique features of this Ashram

  • In this ashram other shaktis have been established along with Bhagawati Baglamukhi – Shree Ganeshji, Shree Kaalabhairav, Shree Hanumanji, Shree Mahakaal, the Navagrahas etc. All types of japas (mantra chanting), tapas (penance) and anushthans (undertaking a specific spiritual procedure to achieve a specified aim) are performed here.
  • There is a plan to establish a research center and hospital for treating diseases through mantra, tantra, yantra and Ayurveda.
  • There is a protective shelter for cows, or gaushala, and a plan for a really big area to conduct mahavidyas.
  • Helping in the building of this ashram in any way possible will be a really meritorious deed. You are requested to contribute towards this great work in whatever way you are able to.
  • May all the Gurus‘s of the cosmos and Bhagawati Baglamukhi bless you.