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Divyachetna Kendra - Bhagawati Baglamukhi Shakti Peetha
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Maa Baglamukhi Shakti Peetha (Divyachetna Kendra)

There are many of "Divyachetna" centers in various countries. The first ashram center was built at Mira Road (on the outskirts of Mumbai) in the year 2002.

Ever since then, a number of people, both visitors and devotees have benefited by participating in its regular spiritual activities, mantra retreats, and solutions provided by Guruji for various problems.

At the ashram, there are facilities for performing spiritual fire ceremonies (havan kund), a place for group meditation, a small cow shed, Temple and a kitchen. One can stay at the ashram and dive deep into a spiritual practice meditation, working towards fulfilling his spiritual aims or seek solutions for any problem that he or she may be facing in mundane life. Accommodation is also available for visiting practitioners or guests.

During special retreats and practice sessions that may extend for days at end, special guidance, mantra procedures and techniques are taught. The much awaited time by all is when Guruji comes on stage to give away special key revelations about life and sadhna (spiritual practice) through his profound lectures. Guidance is given on various Vedic spiritual processes and methods.

The ashram often sees visitors seeking help with their horoscope to know the future, counseling on matrimonial match, career, health problems, etc. and they become part of the spiritual stream as they feel the positive change in their lives.

Other ashrams within India are located in the cities of Noida (near Delhi), Varanasi and a new ashram is being planned in Gauhati, Assam. Plans for more centers in India are also been chalked out.

As part of spreading the spiritual light beyond India, U.S. centers in Michigan, New Jersey, Los Angeles and also in Canada and Dubai are being developed.

Vivid interest from Russia on having Divya Chetna presence has been expressed too and there will be further developments in this regard.

Guruji is mostly available at the ashram till July. From July till September end, he is in the U.S.

He also travels to other centers to meet the disciples.


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